Speculation from Setlock

Geny (dudeufugly) received several anon asks sharing reactions to the photos from the filming outside of Barts this past weekend that has left spoiler enthusiasts with even more questions. Here are a few and the points they raise and our reactions and wildly unsupported speculation:

1. Is this the stuff of dreams? A pet theory shared by a few on the Three Patch Podcast is that John will in fact be able to figure out Sherlock’s ruse (or at least the fact that Sherlock is alive) before Sherlock returns. It is possible that he could work out solutions in dream, though we agree that this seems like a cheat that would minimize the satisfying emotional impact of that first meeting between the two when Sherlock returns, when we think that headbutt is meant to happen. This doesn’t mean that a dream sequence couldn’t be used in some other capacity, perhaps in response to the drugging John might undergo when he appears to be attacked outside 221b.

2. What if the stuff with Derren Brown represents hypnosis therapy that John is seeking to help him recover memories? We have to admit to having a collective WTF moment day or two in response to the presence of a hypnotist in the middle of all this. That what we are seeing is a representation of hypnosis that John is seeking elsewhere to help him recover memories or to deal with lingering issues is a possibility. But if this is the case, why does Brown’s character appear to be concealing his identity with a hooded coat as he approaches and runs away from John? And what is with the changing of the time on his watch while John is out?

3a. What if Moriarty and Mycroft are really a hallucination/dream/warped memory? What if that is really Sherlock in the coat? We think it is certainly possible that what we are seeing depicts an unreliable or false memory that could have been caused by any number of things and that could include just who is wearing that coat. Seeing Mycroft shaking hands with Moriarty and letting him run off with his pocket square attired in Sherlock’s coat, while great fodder for slashy fanfic, gave us a start. It looks too sinister for us to accept.

Sherlock has referred to Mycroft as the most dangerous man in the world, yet Mycroft’s constant worry over his little brother and his mobilizing of John to watch over Sherlock on a potential danger night makes it hard to believe that he would so willingly shake hands with the man hell bent on pushing Sherlock over the edge. Caring may not be an advantage, but Mycroft has shown on occasion that he too is vulnerable when it concerns his brother.

3b. Could this scene be set at a different time, perhaps during the ‘Dear me, Mr. Holmes’ jumbo jet moment from Scandal? We think setting this at a different time (e.g. not immediately after the fall) could be possible (perhaps it was before Moriarty made it to the roof of Barts)) though it does not explain why Moriarty would be wearing Sherlock’s coat, particularly when he has a perfectly stylish and well-fitting coat of his own.

One thing that is a distinct possibility for any of the above is that Moffat, Gatiss and company are trolling us. This possibility gives us a thrill because it makes the job of being spoiled even more of a challenge and like Sherlock, there’s nothing we like more than a good puzzle.


Thanks to the flood of new spoilers that came out on Sunday, we’ve already begun work on Episode 4 of Spoilercast, but if you have suggestions, comments or theories, feel free to drop us an ask.

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