More Setlock Inspired Theories

Here are few more theories we’ve received in response to the last batch of #setlock photos.

1.  Anon, I love the way your mind works.  Yes, all the writers have their own styles, and Gatiss does like to show the difference between John’s and Sherlock’s mental processes.  In “The Great Game,” we see John evaluating evidence and reaching the wrong conclusion repeatedly, and he misses again with “U.M.Q.R.A.” in “Hounds.”  But what he does do, in both episodes, is build up emotion at Sherlock until he’s so angry he has to leave.  Maybe we’ll see something similar here, with John reaching incorrect conclusions (from the crazy footage) and feeling increasingly frustrated until he sees Sherlock and blows up.  In the other two episodes, Sherlock realizes that John has gone through a lot for him, and he relents and gives the full explanation.  If Gatiss remains consistent, Sherlock will explain everything John missed before the episode closes, but we’ve learned to stay on our toes with Gatiss.
2.  As we know from the brilliant folks at WearSherlock, the costume department has two backups of Sherlock’s coat:
So, did Moriarty get himself his own coat, perhaps as part of his “We’re just alike, you and I” campaign to entrap Sherlock?  Or is it merely that the costume department has taken in one of the coats, the way they did for Lara Pulver, while the plot still maintains that Moriarty is wearing Sherlock’s?  All we know for sure is that Andrew Scott looks darn good in it.
3.  Oh!  A Molly-Moriarty conspiracy theory!  That’s a fun twist!  But if Moriarty was relying on Molly, would he want to risk Sherlock figuring that out by omitting her name on purpose?  It seems that Moriarty is the one person who notices Molly even less than Sherlock does…unless that was part of an act to throw people off.  Moriarty seems so certain when he says there are three snipers, covering “all of them,” all the people he thinks Sherlock cares about.  Was that certainty an act, or does it demonstrate that Moriarty doesn’t understand Sherlock as well as he thinks?  This omission of Molly’s name doesn’t seem “a little thing” at all; we think it will turn out to matter a great deal when we finally see the episode.

As for Irene and DNA, she didn’t have any special knowledge about it; she just knew the record-keeper, or at least she knew what he likes.  Sherlock wouldn’t need to go any further than Molly for the same kind of assistance, because sorry, Molly, but we all know what you like, and we can’t blame you.


Do you have any additional theories or news regarding Sherlock series 3 filming. Go ahead and drop us an ask, and stay tuned for Episode 4 of Spoilercast, coming soon!

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    I think Molly wasn’t mentioned because she had a part in sherlock surviving, and sherlock didn’t want to draw attention...
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