Spoilercast 4: Ruses and Red Herrings


Consulting Fans: Shannon, Emma, Dixie, and Geny

In this episode: We report from 221B Con in Atlanta and discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3. Click below for details and a download link. (SPOILERS below, obviously.)

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Spoiler Report from 221b Con [1], [2], 221B Con tag on Tumblr: [3],

This Week’s Top Ten Nine:

1. Derren Brown: real part of the story [4] or trolling the fans? [5] Who the heck is this guy? [6] And just how suggestible is Martin Freeman? [7]

2. Mycroft/Moriarty handshake: real, dream sequence, flashback? (links to video [8])

3. Moriarty in Sherlock’s coat: real, dream sequence, or…? (Geny’s roundup with pictures [9])

4. Sniper: Was he really John’s sniper? Where was he? [10]

5. Molly in the window at Barts. (Photo in the middle of this post among much theorizing [11])

6. The number of people who appeared to be helping Sherlock seems to continue to grow. Emma thinks this will result in massive ANGST.

7. Some favorite theories about how he did it: [12], [13]

8. Next episode filming in Bristol College Gouldney Hall [14] — so will this be the “wedding” of “rat, wedding, bow”? But WHOSE wedding? [15]

9. AND one we forgot to discuss: Arwel’s ominous tweet about what lies ahead. [16]

Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [17]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [18]

Fucking awesome #setlock appreciation post [19]

Handy pie chart showing what the #setlock tag actually consists of [20]

Which series 3 wishes are going to come true? [21]

An interesting series of posts from Ruther2 trying to deduce what will be filmed next [22]


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