Spoilercast 8: Bubble, Bubble, Spoil and Trouble


Consulting Fans: Emma, Geny, Shannon and Methleigh

In this episode: We discuss the past week’s spoilers for Sherlock series 3. (SPOILERS below, obviously.)

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This Week’s Top Ten :

1. Filming on S3E2 coming to an and soon [1] When it will resume? Amanda Abbington’s tweet: “putting Sherlock to bed for 2 months” —> will be back in E3 [2]

2. Mary Morton - spelling mistake like Shilto/Sholto? — crossover between Moran and Morstan to keep us guessing? [3]

3. Wedding pic- Sherlock’s position [4] [5]

4. Where is Tomi May? [6]

5. BC apparently wearing S2 scarf in some shots today [7]. For comparison, S3 scarf [8] [9] and S2 scarf [10] [11]

6. Little person on set? Were we right? [12] [13] [14]

7. Pot with snakes? What’s up with that? [15] Just a prop or was it there to begin with?[16] Snakes in canon?

8. Military on set (extras in camouflage uniform). Will we get to see John in uniform (maybe in a flashback?) tagged as #freeman on twitter [17] Or is this for Dr. Who? [18]

9. Will we be seeing Irene’s house again? [19] If not, why is Arwel tweeting from there? [20]

- Sherlock covered in blood, rolling on floor, etc - follow up tweet —> [21]
- Andrew Scott back on set?[22]—> same day: two independent sightings in London

Other links of interest:

Geny’s daily spoiler roundup posts [23]

Ruther2’s Making of Sherlock Series [24]

The #setlock tag on Tumblr [25]

The #setlock hashtag on Twitter [26]

Crazy theories (pure speculation):
- It’s all just a PTSD-induced hallucination.


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